Director General







  1. On behalf of the Management and staff of the National Institute, and nominees of the Senior Executive Course (SEC) No. 38, I wish to welcome you all to the Inauguration Ceremony of the Senior Executive Course 38, 2016 of the National Institute. The Ceremony is very important event in the academic calendar of the National Institute and we cherish the continued interest and enthusiasm of the various Governments and private sector organizations in sending suitably qualified nominees to undergo this prestigious Senior Executive Course at the National Institute.
  2. Your Excellency, the 38th SEC has 67 Nominees who had gone through a painstaking screening exercise conducted by the Presidency and the National Institute. I am glad to report that you graciously approved their nominations. The nominees represent a cross section of the Nigeria society which includes the Military, the Police, other Para-military services, State and Federal public services, Labor, other civil society organizations, professional bodies and the private sector. While there is no doubt that all  nominees are eminent and accomplished Nigerians, they will nevertheless be exposed to the highest level of intellectual and cross fertilizing discourses that will enable them gain a deeper understanding of our country and how to improve it, as well as widen their perspectives on Nigeria’s relations to the wider world. The policy development and implementation skills they would acquire during the Course, should greatly improve their productivity when they eventually return to their respective places of work and businesses.
  3. It is imperative to note that this is the 38th Course since the inception of the institute in 1979 and we are proud of our graduants who are all over the country, making their marks in their various fields of endeavors and callings. Let us mention here that Government pays a high attention to the conducts and outcome of this course. As you are aware, the name for each Course is given by the President of the Federal Republic. The theme approved for the 38th Course is: Strengthening Institutional Mechanism for Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Development in Nigeria. In view of our current national circumstances, we have found the theme not only apt, but also directly relevant to attempts at finding solutions to many of the social, political and economic problems which bedevil our nation. The submission of a comprehensive report containing robust and actionable recommendations and implementation strategies to Mr. President at the end of each Course is, therefore, a major requirement for graduation.
  4. I wish to use the opportunity offered by this event, to acknowledge the stream of support the Institute has consistently enjoyed from numerous benefactors, in the conducts of the training and research functions, over the years. We trust that the high level of support will be sustained in coming years.
  5. Your Excellency, I am pleased to inform you that apart from the Senior Executive Course, the Institute has, as part of its mandate, introduced another important training programme: the Policy, Strategy and Leadership Course (PSLC), which is a four-week course targeted at enhancing the managerial capacities of the middle-level officers in both the public and private sector of the economy. I am happy to inform  Your Excellency that this  course is gaining national prominence as middle to senior management officers from State and Federal, as well as private sector organizations have shown strong interest and are indeed participating in this programme.
  6. The Institute is also very mindful of its research mandate. In this regard, the Research Directorate is making its mark and is currently undertaking a nation-wide survey on the proliferation of small arms and light weapons. This effort is being executed in close collaboration with the Presidential Committee on Small and Light Weapons (PRESCOM). We are optimistic that the Interim Report on the survey would be submitted early in the 2nd Quarter of this year. Your Excellency will recall that at the last Graduation Ceremony of SEC 37, 2015, Mr. President charged the National Institute, “to come up with a set of proposals for the comprehensive study of terrorist insurgencies in our nation, with a view to forestalling future occurrence”. I am glad to report that NIPSS has concluded work on preliminary aspects of the assignment and we are now looking forward to receiving the necessary financial support to accomplish the task.
  7. Before, I conclude, let me express the profound gratitude and appreciation of the Management to His Excellency, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, GCON, the Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who exercises supervisory responsibility over the Institute, for the abiding support and encouragement. Let me use this avenue to also sincerely appreciate our host, the Plateau State Government for the cordial relationship it as maintained with the Institute over the years. I wish to assure Your Excellency that the Institute takes its responsibility seriously and this we will continue to do now and in the coming years to the satisfaction of all stakeholders
  8. Finally, to the nominees of SEC 38, I congratulate you once again for being found worthy to be part of the Course. Let me emphasis that each of you should consider him or herself as highly privileged to be nominated and be approved to attend this course by the President of the Federal Republic. As the saying goes, “to whom much is given, much is expected”. It is my hope, therefore, that you will rise to this presidential call to national duty by working assiduously, not only to excel in your sojourn at the National Institute, you will all re-join the greater Nigerian society as outstanding change agents.
  9. Thank you and God bless.