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The Bursary Unit of the National Institute is a support and service Unit.
Its aims and objectives are: 

  • Provision of financial inputs for the Institute’s budget preparation, collation, submission and follow up on funds appropriation.
  • Receipts of funds accruable to the Institute from statutory and non-statutory sources.
  • Receiving and accounting for all Internally Generated Funds.
  • Ensuring safe custody of all funds.
  • Disbursement of funds based on approvals and extant financial regulations.
  • Recording and analyzing of funds receipt and disbursements.
  • Preparation of Statutory and Non-statutory Financial Reports and Statements.
  • Submitting required Financial Records to both the External and Government Auditors, as at when due, and cooperating with such while on duties and inspections.
  • Receipts, recording, disbursement and accounting for stores items which includes office equipment and stationery items.

The Unit in discharging these responsibilities has the following functional sections:

a. Final Accounts encompassing Fixed Assets Management and General Ledger Recording.
b. Budget/Expenditure control and other charges encompassing Salaries and Central Pay Office.

a. Paying of staff salaries and allowances.
b. Disbursement of funds for Participants World and Local Study Tours.
c. Disbursement of funds for general and administrative expenditures.