NASENI, NIPSS teams up to bolster the digital economy and foster job creation

NASENI, NIPSS teams up to bolster the digital economy and foster job creation

NASENI, NIPSS teams up to bolster the digital economy and foster job creation

Mr. Khalil Suleiman Halilu, the Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (EVC/CEO) of NASENI, shared these insights while extending a warm welcome to participants of the Senior Executive Course (SEC) 46 from NIPSS during their visit to the Agency for a Strategic Institution Study tour on Monday, April 15th, 2024.

Halilu expressed his delight at NASENI being recognized as one of the federal government's agencies with the potential to empower Nigerian youths and foster job creation, thereby enhancing the nation's self-sufficiency in manufacturing and the digital economy.

He emphasized the importance of enhancing the capacity of key stakeholders in Nigeria to access, adopt, and scale up technologies, underscoring that such cooperation and collaborations undertaken by the Agency must be complemented by conducive offline conditions. These conditions include an enabling policy environment, access to finance, appropriate incentives, and innovation capacities.

Prof. Ayo Omotayo, the Director-General of NIPSS, who led the delegation, highlighted the potential for empowering Nigerian youths through the translation of NASENI innovations into finished products and emphasized the need to strengthen collaboration between the two organizations.

He mentioned that various groups from NIPSS have been dispatched to different agencies to study how policies for national development can be formulated. The group visiting NASENI will conduct an in-depth study on how the Agency can contribute to job creation for Nigerian youths through its technological innovations.

Prof. Omotayo stressed the pivotal role of infrastructures in manufacturing and emphasized NASENI's significance across various sectors in Nigeria, particularly in manufacturing industries. He expressed the willingness of NIPSS to collaborate with NASENI in transferring innovations to effective job creation and youth empowerment.

He noted that the participants of Course 46 from NIPSS were keen to understand the vision, mission, and roles of NASENI and explore how these can be translated into job creation opportunities for youths in the digital economy. Mr. Olusegun Ayeoyenikan
Director, Information
15th April, 2024